Furniture with Resin, LED's and wood

About us

The story of Egbert Pos, founder of eposmodern in Indonesia.
When I came first the Jepara, Central Java it was a hard to find small village. But as soon as I drove into the village I saw the potential.
That time I was very impressed by the Indonesian creativity and started  a business in Balinese woodcarving and similar products. A friend of mine in Bali told me about Jepara. I couldn’t forget about this village, so after some time I decided to go and have a look.
After the first visit I found a business partner and in the first year we exported as much as 100 containers collected throughout Indonesia.
After the business for woodcarving got down I decided to focus more on tables.
The tables produced in Jepara turned out to be a very good replacement for antique Spanish tables in Europe. I developed different knock down tables and some matching kitchen chairs with it. Until today those tables and chairs are still being sold worldwide.
While Jepara still continued their business on antique woodcarvings, I went my own way with the tables and chairs which changed my vision on furniture. I make an exclusive mix of antique woodcarvings with resin and LEDs and other materials.
One of my favorite projects was Permata Ayung. The owner of the project gave me all the freedom I needed. This turned out in a perfect mixture of the antique woodcarvings, the resin and the LED’s. See their website for some results.
With the help of customers I search for items that have an added value to the market. With my experience the result is far above the average products you will find.